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Court Cases and Alimony Reform Documents

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Massachusetts divorce laws are a complex mix of legislation and case laws
  1. Alimony Reform Law
  2. Mass Alimony Reform Timeline
  3. Press Release From Women's Bar Association in Support of Alimony Reform
  4. Senator Gail Candaras Remarks in Support of Alimony Reform
  5. Supreme Judicial Court: Chin v. Merriot
    1. SJC: Appellant-Chin Brief
  6. Supreme Judicial Court: Doktor v. Doktor
    1. SJC: Appellant-Doktor Brief
  7. Supreme Judicial Court: Rodman v. Rodman
    1. SJC: Appellant-Rodman Brief


Massachusetts Alimony Reform

Massachusetts Alimony Reform has been working for more than 10 years to bring peace, independence, and self-sufficiency for the parties to divorce. We have been instrumental in making the public and legislators aware of alimony horror stories. Our multi-year efforts culminated in the Alimony Reform Act becoming law on September 26, 2011.

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